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Traffic Tickets

Speeding and Traffic Tickets FAQ

Why shouldn’t I just pay the fine?

In Kentucky, just paying the fine means you are pleading guilty to the charges on the

traffic ticket

without any reduction. The conviction will be on your record. Insurance companies regularly check their customers driving records and can increase insurance premiums if they find a traffic ticket. Additionally, in Kentucky most

traffic violations

result in points against your driver’s license. Accumulating points can result in suspension of your license. Traffic law violations can show up on background checks done by prospective employers. In most cases we can have your charges amended to lesser charges.

Is there help for Commercial Drivers?

Absolutely! We know how important a clear license is for those that drive professionally. Nowadays, even traffic tickets received when operating a private vehicle count against your CDL and are listed on your complete abstract. We will do everything we can to prevent that traffic ticket from getting on your record.

Why do I pay the fine if my lawyer is going to fight my ticket?

When we appear on your behalf we will bargain with the prosecutor. We seek a dismissal or amendment of the primary charge and dismissal of lesser charges. As a result the fine owed to the court is significantly lower. In many cases, the amount saved will be more than the attorney fees paid.

Does my case go to trial?

In most situations, your attorney will dispose of your ticket without a trial. The date you are ordered to appear on your ticket is called the arraignment date and the purpose of the arraignment is to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. We often are able to negotiate a second appearance to further negotiate with the prosecutor. We will set the case for trial only if it is in your best interest and after discussing the matter with you.

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