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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

filing is a way for individuals to undergo a financial reorganization supervised by a federal bankruptcy court. Under Chapter 13, if you have a regular income and you are able to make regular payments, but can't keep up with the payments on your debts,

chapter 13 bankruptcy

may be right for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides for a three to five year payment plan to help you catch up on your debts, discharge a part of some debts, and protect property like your home and automobile from foreclosure or repossession.

If you're in a financial bind that just keeps getting worse, it might be difficult to step back and calmly make rational decisions, but that's exactly what you need to do. Running from crisis to crisis, juggling your money to pay the "most urgent" bills and figure out what can wait a little longer just creates bigger problems in the long run. It's time to stop, take a deep breath, and gather the information you need to make good decisions for your financial future.

If you think

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

might be the answer for you, then contact the law offices Thompson & Shreve today so we can educate you about your bankruptcy options and explain how Chapter 13 might work for you.

Will my creditors stop harassing me?

Yes, they will! By law, all actions against a debtor must cease once the documents are filed. Creditors cannot initiate or continue any lawsuits, wage garnishes, or even telephone calls demanding payments.

Can I stop a foreclosure?

With the right help, virtually any


situation can be successfully resolved. When facing foreclosure time is of the essence. You must act fast to protect your rights. Contact Thompson and Shreve today for a free legal evaluation.

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